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Ro's Randomness

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Just some random advice for anyone who may want it

~~ Cobbler mush is yummy, no matter what type of berries you use.
~~ Writing on cakes in icing is a lot easier when you get the little tubes instead of the big ones.
~~ Yearbook ads are erasable. Get a good eraser and start erasing if you run out of signature room.
~~ Yell and hit the VCR if it tries to eat your tape. It might just surprise you and give the tape back.
~~ Don't expect to get anything besides studying done during AP weeks if you're serious about them. Especially not if you have a bunch in a row and want to pass them all.
~~ You are not defined by your accomplishments, your accomplishments come about because of who you are. If you weren't yourself, those accomplishments may not have occured.
~~ Taking tests right before vacation -- NOT good!
~~  Missing school on test days is NOT a good idea!

Any specific topics you want me to give my advice on?

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