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Ro's Randomness

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Some fun quizzes for you to take!

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

The Completely Pointless Personality 
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

You're Caramilk!
Just stuffed full of surprises. No one ever knows what you're going to do next. The greatest mystery to you is, naturally, "how do they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars?"

You are the classic yellow squeeky toy.
Find your inner rubber ducky.

All ducks aren't sweet and innocent and you prove that. You have a nasty streak.
Find your inner rubber ducky.

See what Care Bear you are.

See what Rugrat you are.

See what drug you are.

See what drug you are.

Take the What High School Stereotype Are You? quiz, by Angel.

La La Love You
You're a real romantic, and a genuinely kind person. You're not too quick on the uptake, but you have a heart of gold. A person of few words, you instead express your emotions through whistles and dance. Some people would call you mentally stunted, but your friends know better- you're just being yourself.
Which Pixies song are you?

Vampire Curia
You are Curia. Like your namesake, Marie Curie, you have a fondness for blood. However, instead of researching it, you prefer to drink it from the necks of your enemies. You are not very rare, and your repaint version isn't very good, but you're still a great figure with a great design.
Which Monstress are you?

take the nyu type quiz.
and then browse around because laura is cool.

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

Make an Ass of Yourself.
quiz by Sol

Which cartoon character are you?? Find out @ blackhole

Which Piercing are you?

take the emo quiz.created by jessi


I am 74% worshipable! And you? Find out!

21% - 75%
21% of me is filled with jealousy. Aren't you JEALOUS?

I'm The Listener!

Who's your daddy?? Find out @ blackhole

which Episode II character are you?

Anakin Skywalker - jedi apprentice. Like Anakin, you know your morals and usually always stick to the rules. However, stray away from those who know best and you may become naiive to what anybody tells you. Stay with those whom you trust and have always been your friends. Otherwise, you may find yourself being manipulated by outside parties.


Click to find out which Scully you are!

The little ducky quiz is a bit confuzed, since I'm both a devil duck and a classic duck, but thats okay:) It's a fun quiz. Go take it! :)

If you know of any fun little quizzes that aren't on here let me know!